What educational programs can I apply for at Faculty of Fundamental Medicine in 2023? 

MD  - Tuition fee 510 980 rubles per year (specialist program)

Pharmacy -  Tuition fee 454 900 rubles per year (specialist program)

When does the acceptance of applications for admission start and end?

It starts  June 15, 2023 and ends:  July 10, 2023 for  specialist programs 

Can I apply for admission remotely without coming to Moscow??

Yes, you can apply through the MSU online system https://webanketa.msu.ru/ 

When and how will the entrance exams take place?

The entrance examinations will take place in several waves in June and July as the groups are formed. Entrance examinations will be held online, Zoom platform or similar

Entrance exams: 

Zoom account is required


23 June, 10:00 - Russian Language 

28 June, 09:00 - Chemistry


Where can I find the up-to-date information about admissions?

At the Central Admissions Committee page http://cpk.msu.ru/ (RU) and at https://www.msu.ru/en/admissions/ (EN)

Also you can visit online portal for international students for more useful information https://studentin.msu.ru/main-eng

We have a 7-year curriculum of MD and 6-year curriculum of Pharmacy programs.

Our MD programme is based on the standards of medical education but has significant advantages. We offer an advanced curriculum of pre-medical subjects so that our graduates may have a good career in medical sciences. Even our undergraduates may work in many scientific laboratories of the Faculty. Every student of our MD programme has to complete three scientific researches during the study, including the Diploma thesis. We offer sufficient medical curriculum as well so that our graduates are successful doctors. Our Pharmacy programme is designed to prepare specialists for the drug development industry. 

Available contract places:

MD - 20 

Pharmacy -  5

The subjects are taught in Russian (NB! We do not offer MD or Pharmacy programmes in English). However, after reading this text many applicants still ask if we have MD or Pharmacy in English. The answer is: we do not offer MD or Pharmacy programs in English.

If you don't have good command of Russian there is a 1-year preparatory course at MSU during which you'll have intensive Russian classes and pre-medical subjects: Institute of Russian Language and Culture at Moscow State University.

In this case, You should apply first to the preparatory year at IRLC 

http://www.en.irlc.msu.ru/ e-mail: ciemsu@yandex.ru)

After the preparatory course, you may be admitted to the first year of the MD/Pharmacy/Residency or PhD program. 


Chuvasheva Daria

tel.:(495)  932-88-00

E-MAIL: international.ffm@mail.ru


  • Originals or copies of documents on education or/and qualifications (degrees) with a complete list of the subjects mastered and obtained grades:
    • for Bachelor’s (BSс/BA) and Specialist’s programs: originals or copies of documents on general secondary education or a document on secondary vocational education and qualifications, or s document on higher education and qualifications;
    • for Master’s (MSс/MA) programs: original or a copy of a document on higher education and qualifications (not lower than a Bachelor's or a Specialist’s degree);
    • for Postgraduate (PhD, Doctoral) programs: originals or copies of the documents on higher education and a qualification corresponding to the level of a Specialist or Master.
  • Notarized translation into Russian of educational documents and supplements indicating subjects studied, grades and credits received;
  • Copy of a valid passport or a national ID;
  • Documents confirming the name change, if the name on educational documents does not match the name on documents proving the identity;
  • Notarized translation into Russian of the first two pages of the passport / ID and the name change documents;
  • PDF, JPG, PNG or BMP file with applicant’s photo (30*40 mm, black and white or color image is allowed, taken in 2023, strictly full face (straight), without a headdress, the background should be white).

Education received in a foreign country must be legalized 

You should UPLOAD your academic certificates and transcripts to MSU in advance to check if your education meets the requirements for continuing your studies at MSU 

Upon arrival in Moscow, you will need to present the mentioned here documents in the original to your Faculty’s Admissions Office

Also, DO check if you have to do some extra documents here:

1) http://www.lexed.ru/praktika/priznanie-inostrannogo-obrazovaniya-v-rf/